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Welcome to Sea Star Development

Sea Star is able to offer a limited number of useful Windows applications, most of which have now been tested in Windows 7 (Ultimate).   The actual size of each one is very small, especially in zip format. No warranty of any kind is given however and, whilst all files are not known to contain any malware or virus, they are nevertheless downloaded at your own risk. They all need Microsoft .NET 2 (or above) which is freely available from the Microsoft download site.

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Additionally, as Temporary, or Session, cookies are now used to update the download links visible on the Applications page, please ensure that your browser has this facility enabled. All such cookies will automatically be deleted once the browser is closed.

All these utilities have been comprehensively tested but, as there is always something that slips through the net, please do leave a message for us if anything seems to be behaving strangely. Click here to download any file or use the table opposite for individual ones. Click any picture below for an enlargement.

Click on either of the first two links in the navigation bar below to see the GUI for each application; the Slideshow timer being set to a 4 second interval. The Applications link will step through all of these manually by clicking Next or Previous. The You Are Here link will show your present location and street address in Google Maps, but it will be necessary to set any privacy levels in the browser Settings in order to permit this. All individual download totals are automatically updated at midnight GMT.

Please note that the above Slideshow may not function correctly on a very slow connection and Firefox seems to perform better than IE7. Ensure that all the images have downloaded (watch the Status bar) before clicking any of the links below.

Hidden Files Viewer

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This is mainly for installation on any USB drive but may also be run from the computer or even on a U3 device, via the Virtual CD. Intended for use by those frequenting public Internet shops (many of which are riddled with viruses), it has a number of useful features such as the ability to close the current browser should it become frozen (often access to Task Manager is forbidden) and will keep a permanent watch on USB drives for the arrival of the inevitable hidden viruses. This application is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

2930 Downloads (Hidden Files Viewer)

Dates Calculator

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Another relatively simple application that will sit on the USB drive and can be used to calculate date differences between 2 dates, or the date 90 days from now, for example. This can be useful for visa calculations, flights, etc, especially over the new year period. It also has a reminder function that will pop up on the selected day (and every day thereafter until changed) with both a sound and a text reminder. There is a printable log with a summary of running totals, etc.

1301 Downloads (Dates Calculator)

Automatic Scheduler

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This is a task scheduler that simplifies the running of regular Windows XP Scheduled Tasks on a PC, and incorporates some of the more complex options only available via the DOS Schtasks command, such as on certain days of the week, multiple tasks, etc. It requires Administrator privileges to start. Not really necessary on Windows 7 as most features are already incorporated.

1091 Downloads (Automatic Scheduler)


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Incorporating the same event timer as in the Reminder function in the Dates Calculator above, but with more options, this can schedule one or more Post-It type reminders (with optional sound) at selected times in the future, every day or next Thursday, for example. This one is for PC use only, not USB. Needs Administrator privileges to start. Ideal if you are travelling with a laptop as it can serve as an alarm clock. Full Help file included and a few basic sounds.

1203 Downloads (Reminder)

GPRS Online Monitor

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Monitor all GPRS modem connections. While such applications issued by the mobile phone manufacturers will invariably monitor only their own usage, this will log any GPRS activity, be it via PCMCIA, USB, mobile phone, etc. (See the ReadMe file for details). A compiled PowerShell Module is also included. (PowerShell ships with Windows 7 but can be downloaded to XP). This application is compatible with Windows 7. It can be used as a front end (calculator) for the data provided by the Network Monitor Serice.

1870 Downloads (GPRS Online Monitor)

Script File Editor

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Used for editing VBscript and PowerShell script files (or any of the common text files) in Notepad, it will sort all the files in the working directory to named extension tabs. It features both a Run window for PowerShell, Cscript and Batch files and also a textbox to add any commandline arguments. Additionally VBscript files may be converted to the vbe encoded format. It now includes Script Monitor Service. This application is compatible with Windows 7.

1109 Downloads (Notepad Scripting Editor)

Find Picture Files

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There would appear to be no easy (and free) way to search quickly for certain pictures within a given folder. Use this application (PhotoFinder) to add search tags to JPEG image files and then search in a selected folder for images with such tags (This should work with both Vista and W7 with UAC turned off). Needs Microsoft .NET 3.5 which is available for free download from the Microsoft download site. (Click here to download, although the default Setup will automatically perform this action).

2200 Downloads (Find Picture Files)

Battery Monitor Service

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Now includes a simple Installer. This is a fully interactive Service which will not only issue prompts when the laptop battery is both 100% charged and only 10% charged, but also if the power cycle in incorrect, ie if mains power is removed during a charge cycle or inserted during a discharge one. This application is compatible with Windows 7.

1800 Downloads (Battery Monitor Service)

Map Marker

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Using Google Maps there appears to be no easy way to store a collection of locations without at first logging on to one's Google account and using the option there. As this is not very convenient Map Marker will store any saved locations in a Locations file and these will all be loaded when the application starts. A simple drop-down menu allows for the selection of different coloured markers. Can be run from a USB drive. The latest version is v3205.

1201 Downloads (Map Marker)

Search Book

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Search for any word, usually the author, in any directory (including subdirectories) of book titles, which will be in mobi, epub, or azw3 format (Others can be added if desired). No knowledge of Powershell is necessary as this is simply run from a desktop shortcut. Powershell is included in Windows from 7 onwards, but Version 5 is needed, which can be downloaded from here. Windows 10 already has V5 installed.

1104 Downloads (Search Book)

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